My Stamp collect!

My stamp collection!

It has been long time that I am keeping my stamp collection hidden under my desk at my bedroom, but now I've decided to show It on my blog, exited eehh? (;
Those amazing two pictures hold about 121 stamps, I also still have an other stamp collection but yet not completed so once the page is fully pasted with stamps and no more empty space left then I'll post the next one, as you notice all those beautiful stamps are from the whole parts of the world which makes it special, i searched in the internet but this one would be one of the best stamp collection out there... well, in my opinion? 

Anyways, if you look closely on the collection you'll find stamps from some countries including: England (United Kingdom), France, Spain (España), Switzerland (Swiss), Honk Kong, Republic of China, Indonesia, Morocco(Maghreb), Japan (Nippon), Peru, Singapore, United State of America (USA), Italy (Italia), Germany (Deutschland), Belgium (Belgique), South Africa, India, Tunisia (Tunis, Tunisie), Luxemburg, Netherland (Nederland, Holland), Gibraltar and Korea.