Organise effeciently your life with those tools!


Of course, moreover you get busier in your life, more likely you'll have issues managing your activities and time, I personally found hardship to re-organise myself, so I planned a schedule that would be more convenient to me and efficient when it comes to managing my costs, daily activities, organising my tasks based priorities and identifying my needs according to my resources.
So, I took a pen and paper and started drawing a mind map to find a solution to my problem, after a while, I figured out  a whole new techniques that makes me updated instantly and organised effectively.
  •     Used application such as Calendar S Planner, Google Keep, or Evernote to Log all my activities (Gym sessions with details, MBA Classes, Meetings, dates...) together with latest  news (Weather, birthdays, news...) and synchronised with all my devices.
  •     Small handbook and small pen/stylos always on my pocket (fit size of all my pants' pocket to write if there will be any changes or addition to my schedules.
I needed a tool to analyse my financial position, time management, health care and costs management/estimations in order to make logical decision and control closely all my actions, so I developed Excel-Based (automated) template software that will help to manage drastically your all activities and operations following the timeline, resources, expenses, to-do lists and more! I named those tools as "POT" referring "Personal Organisation Templates";

POT - Budgeting Incomes and Expenses (Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily) + Travel Budget:
This file consists many pages in many classes organised by months, each month has detailed description of daily costs by segments, a main page "Dashboard which automatically calculate the expenses and incomes to give you a general view on a diagram of how Financial status is progressing and the balance. (+tab for travel budget estimates which can be useful to get an overall view of costs for the entire travel to keep track of your balance to not exceed your budget).

 POT - Calendar & Activities :
With a very cute looking layout of the Calendar, this POT unlike the previous one, it more about your feels and personal activities, giving an optimised overview of all the days of the year and simplicity of tracking + extra tabs for monthly memos; Agenda so that you can easily navigate through your past/future tasks with clear analysis.

POT - Health, Exercises and Diet :
Personal Organisation Template,  3rd work on POT is about well-being, Covering detailed description of medicines and illnesses, Exercises categorised by intensity, distance and time, food specifics converted to calories (depending on fat, carbs and sugar, also one can add sodium, salt depending of use) and weight control as there is an index that calculate body mass and ideal weight that your body needs depending on height (No taking consideration daily activities age and children, I'll try to work on fusing all data together and add formulas and function to improve those indexes).

[Novel] Water & Fire

Title: Water & Fire's love story
Writer: Caramelo Del Belair 
Year: 2011
Genre: Romance, Magic, Fantasy.


31% Complete.

Assignments, Internship and academic reports

During my academic education in several universities and institutes,  we were proposed to do many case studies and dissertations, also some interesting internships in major corporates in order to improve my experience and skills, implementing knowledge learned from theoretical aspects in classes ... This is why I decided to share some of those reports publicly: 
Dissertation: Budgeting and Tools of Control
This Internship was done in the company of AMENDIS - Veolia Environment controlling the region of Tanger-Tetouan, concentrating in distribution Energy, Sanitation and Water and improving the quality of the service provided...
Click here to proceed to the download link

Memoir: Logistics in Morocco - Issues and Perspectives for future
An interesting subject about logistic platform in Morocco and the known issues facing Morocco now days, even there is many big projects and an important growth in many levels, still  this sector suffers from many handicaps and instability in the main infrastructure, this report shows and explain those big points and details and the procedures made by the government in order to avoid/fix this problems.
Report: Bank Agency Report Banque Populaire (Popular Bank)
A good report about the system inside an agency of one of the biggest and the largest bank in north Africa and Mediterranean countries with more than 4 million clients in Morocco only, this agency characterised by a big traffic coefficient and many customers visits daily with divers operations, the report contain every task for every post in the agency.

Portfolio:  Latitude & Technologies (L&T) - Business Case (Strategic Management Analysis)
A portfolio analysing the background of L&T and the industries that the firm penetrates, using several methods; SWOT,  I/O model of capabilities and core competencies analyses, Value Chain, Five forces of Michael Porter and PESTLE charts, and how L&T using they own unique resources to gain a competitive advantage within the local market and the international rivalry mentioning the main challenges facing the company and finally recommended strategies to be used in order to maintain thier position in the market and sustain their competitive advantage.
Click here to proceed to the download link.
Assignment:  London's Heathrow Terminal 5 - Case Study (Operation Management Analysis)
This assignment covers the flight industry in UK concerning British Authorities Airport and British Airways and the disastrous operation dysfunctions during the opening day, distinguishing several causes and bullwhip effects that lead to the poor service and worst customer experience for the most promising project that took two decades of concepts and constructions that didn't meet passengers expectation.
Click here to proceed to the download link.

Assignment: Enabling Customer Centric Experience through Project Management
This is a report concern the case of Du Telecom and Huawei Technologies Ltd where they initiated an agreement referred as MoU for a period of time 3-5 years in order to improve their PM portfolios, increase the quality of the deliverable based on customers experience... etc. Report states many major keys such elaborating WBS charter, cost estimations basing on several concept and approaches and how can budget cuts affect on cost estimations, how to make an optimum plan for all processes and quality indicators, and other analysis, check out the report for further information.
Click here to proceed to the download link. (Download MSPP Slides).

Report:  Grupo Antolin - Culture, organisation and my personal experience. 
Brief report describing my experience within Antolin TGR, adapting in an industrial company, discussing the culture and working condition in an international firm with multiple races, executed tasks as an Accountant in training, sharing moments...etc.
Click here to proceed to the download link.
*Some of those reports done in French, and some in Spanish I'l try to re-do them in English version when there is a chance.
*For unknown reasons, few file were missed-up after being loaded to Google Docs, but the contents are still clear...
*I didn't publish some reports (yet).
*If you used a report, please use the references under the name Del Belair, Caramelo.

[Fan-made Novel] A Pokemon story!

Title: Squirtle and the blue flower
Pen name: Corazon (Pokecommunity Forums)
Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure.

The story was used in the Competition held in an event “Get Together” in the Event Plaza forum of PokéCommunity in Saturday 09 July of 2016, by bobaandbill.
My entry was under the name Caramel-O at first and then the username changed to Corazon, It was only an idea from scratch, but later I really liked it, and decided to continue the story.
The thread of the competition could be consulted in the link below where you can find it here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=372261.

¦¦ Drawings ¦¦

 Firstly, I am not quit good in drawing, in fact I was talented when I was 11, but I didn't give It too much attention, so now its like I don't even know how to hold a pencil lol.
Okey so in this section I'll put in here some of my newby drawing and post them directly, from my Dropbox, just for notice, the writings and everything are hand made, I might be using few softwares and text treatment later, for note there is few drawing writing in Tangierian, but I will from now on to make them in English.

The publications will be classified (It doesn't mean that they follow a story, If so I'll be mentioning that below) the extensions of the files might be on jpg, gif, pdf or doc.

No weed, no mood
¦¦ Pub. Uno ¦¦ 

/!\ Done and need to be scanned and uploaded. (2)

[Novel] X-Cyber

Title: X-Cyber
Writer: Caramelo Del Belair 
Year: 2007 
Genre: Romance, Technology, Slice of Life, Fantasy. 

In the year of 5485, the world has known drastic changes, human evolution reached a whole new level, Cybernation by implementing body parts instead of their biological ones, only few normal humans left, an other species now that became residents of planet earth which they came from Planet Elem from Galaxy “Sinthopea Elem”; the Extremas, similar to human beings in Intelligence they integrated with the Humans and Cybers  to co-exist as they helped them to finish the past World War crisis a thousand years ago which reduced the world population to 38,8%. 
The world now is ignorant of the past eras, golden age of the 3rd and 4th millenniums are some how forgotten, while the millenniums behind now considered as dark ages. A group of students in Neodalucia University are trying to unravel the past history, one of them is a very special one, a specie that yet to be existing or discovered yet, but it does exist behind anyone's knowledge an X-Cyber!

53% Complete.  

[Novel] Iron and Leaf

Title: Iron & Leaf: When the two worlds clashes
Writer: Caramelo Del Belair 
Year: 2015
Genre: Action, Technology, Extraterrestrial. 


31% Complete.

Blog Star at Skyrock/Skyblog

Skyrock is an infamous social network website in francophone countries, such as France, Tunisia, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Canada and Algeria. Back in 2002 where Skyrock was focusing on Radio channels, just few years afterwards they started Skyblog, which was a blog free to everyone and used mostly by the countries mentioned above. There when I started creating my first Blog,  I remember only couple thousand users registered there, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, old school, everything was grey, simple HTML, the funny part was once you upload an article (either a text or picture) it would take a week before its published, once it is a message will be in your inbox notifying you, GOLD!
I made other accounts but all sucked! ALL! Because I didn't choose good usernames I was retarded then. Until finally, in 2007 I made a new Blog called: CaramelCream (I call it Cc blog), in fact a Music Blog which was a unique blog back then only artists could have it...
Many things made Skyrock exceptional and worth visiting:

* Everyone was close and layout made it more easy to get in touch, find users with high tech filtering (with or without pictures/videos, height and weight, character...etc).
* Introduction of Profils back then Skyblog was refered to Blogs while Skyrock for Profils.
* Défis (a.k.a Challenged) those battles were basically votes, once someone send u the challenge and you accept, the main page will show the current challenges and people votes, it shows both usernames (with their avatars and number of votes), and challengers were classified by ranking, ultimately there was top100 and top10 winners/loosers...
*Profil Rating, yeah this one was essential, in scale of -5 to 5+, if your profil got an average above 4.7, you'll be listed as top hottest (males and females in the other hand) and listed also by ranks.
*Comments and visits, obviously comments were quite a feat and everyone wanted to get much comments as possible, but still people could comment themselves or trade comments 10 for 20 and stuff like that but not visits, if comment were silver then visits are gold!
*Blog Star, Blog Star was introduced, ermmm maybe until 2011? Dunno, anyway Blog Star was the pick at that time everyone were fighting for it, the spotlight! All points above were fundamental to any Skyrocker, but Blog Star was a bit different... As for me, after more than a decade of using Skyrock (unlike the majority) I nver had the chance to shine, so in the early months of 2016, I gave it a try, why won't I submit for Blog Star? and Yeah I did it, under the theme of Thug Lifer, it was quite awkward because unlike all Blog Stars, all were about fashion, girly things or music, but not this bull-shit right? So after a month... I recieved this message:
Believe it or not, we are a joke! and became an original shit at Skyrock! They gave badge, congrats letter and special status! Here is how do I look in there, You'll die laughing! Yeah! Weird right? but that's me! In front page wohoooo!  all you see are Kawaii chicks and THUG ME!
 Thinking about it You can check out my Blog by typing: Http://www.caramelcream.skyrock.com or just click this [[ link ]] for direct access.

This is the header of my blog at Skyblog, not much visits since 2007, but he quality of page is very high compared to the rest, I got some tracks there, there are more availabke at my SoundCloud (/Carameled), and you can read the description of the blog... Yeah!
Do you know what makes a Skyrocker a legend? This is the most F.A.Q majority ask, I can anwser this by this picture!
As you see this is badge section a.k.a Honours or Awards, there are many emblems/badges there, yes interesting but, legends are the ones who have those three! I reapeat once you have those 3 badges, that means you're a true Skyrocker, or rather, a L-E-G-E-N-D!

*Blog Star: For being in the spotlight, as the best Blogger, possessing such an incredible and original ideology and style, that Skyrock team chose among millions of bloggers.
*Tyson: Legendary Challenger (As I told you about "Défis"), those challenges were existing back in 2006-2010, but no more! At those times, only few could engage in those battles.
*Old School: No need to explain this one, means you're older than Skyri-ock team to be existed... Sounds werid right? But yeah, tha the truth!

Sometimes I feel like...

Always planning, rushing to attend our objectives getting sad when we don't achieve our desires, we get really happy when we do, after a short moment of happiness and satisfaction, It fades like It never happened... 
What are We looking for? What do We really want from this life?
Days, years and decades passes... Looking back I see nothing just moments* I gone through in my past and now are just written in a book of memories, a lot of memories that I don't remember disappeared with time, like I've never lived them before, again looking at my present; What am I doing? The future is waiting... No I am the one who's waiting for my future...
And again years passes, oh my body, feels more heavier and rusty maybe I am sick or feeling down? walking down stairs looking at a mirror on the side wall, I am getting old... 
What is life to begin with? Why do I feel empty...?
Walking o the streets seeing kids playing in the park, a couple kissing on a chair in the corner... turning my head to the left, oh let's drink a soda from that market... two young men and three girls walking, they must be college students, yeah I was like them in a part of my life time, huh?

Looking at the sky while the clouds passing by with a fast current, ah. the sky was always like this from hundred of  thousands of years ago and still looking the same from as far I as remember, now I am getting old, and my hair turning white.
What is this all about? My existence is...

[Some times life can be more complicated when we think about our existence, and worth of our lives...At that time, We need to fill our hearts, mind and should with faith, faith in our God; Arrahim]

My Stamp collect!

My stamp collection!

It has been long time that I am keeping my stamp collection hidden under my desk at my bedroom, but now I've decided to show It on my blog, exited eehh? (;
Those amazing two pictures hold about 121 stamps, I also still have an other stamp collection but yet not completed so once the page is fully pasted with stamps and no more empty space left then I'll post the next one, as you notice all those beautiful stamps are from the whole parts of the world which makes it special, i searched in the internet but this one would be one of the best stamp collection out there... well, in my opinion? 

Anyways, if you look closely on the collection you'll find stamps from some countries including: England (United Kingdom), France, Spain (España), Switzerland (Swiss), Honk Kong, Republic of China, Indonesia, Morocco(Maghreb), Japan (Nippon), Peru, Singapore, United State of America (USA), Italy (Italia), Germany (Deutschland), Belgium (Belgique), South Africa, India, Tunisia (Tunis, Tunisie), Luxemburg, Netherland (Nederland, Holland), Gibraltar and Korea. 

[Novel Series] - Al Selazz

Title: Al Selazz
Writer: Caramelo Del Belair 
Year: 2007 
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action, Epic.
 Al Selazz is a novel series; consisting a trilogy:

Summary of 1st Volume:  
In the ancient world, the map was centred only on the south-central of Europe, north Africa, south-east of Asia and the Middle east, the powers were balanced...
In the extreme west of Al-Mohades empire, Josef son of Kader is a teenager who always wanted to be a great Judge as his father was recognised by the Sultan, his story was about a journey to fulfil his dream but some twisted events happened, turning into a soldier instead of making his career to be a Judge, attempt of assassinating the Sultan and his family in his first mission and the situation will get even weirder when he will be involved in unexplained paranormal activities... Things become scary when juggling becomes the enemies weapon that you can't counter with brute force and ultimately... Appearance of horrific creatures...
Summary of 2nd Volume:  
Many of  "enemies" are trying to bring down the rule of Sultan and his board of "generals" in order to make the extreme west region reined by "enemies'" and make "their power" a weapon to conquer the world. 
New promised enemy soon to be at the doors of the Sultans, an enemy that shouldn't even exist in this world, a catastrophe that will storm the entire region dominated by Al-Mohades, bizarre will happen to the atmosphere, fearsome rage and bloodshed could be felt in the air, what's happening?  
Summary of 3rd Volume:  

V1:  4% to be complete.
V2:  1.7% to be complete.
V3:  0.5% to be complete.