(May get changed if I encounter a worthy series!)

              Top 10 Romance                             Top 10 Action                                Top 10 Horror
  1                Honey and Clover                                Berserk                                        Death Note   
 2                    Ao Haru Ride                          Shingeki no Kyojin                                  Another            
 3                     Kokor Connect                         One Punch Man                            Darker than Black
 4                   Lovely Complex                          Afro Samurai                                         Hellsing
 5                    Ore Monagatari                     Fate/Zero & Stay Night                        Tokyo Ghoul
 6                     Kimi Ni todoke                        Samurai Shamploo                                 Monster     
 7            Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun                            Bleach                                         Mirai Nikki 
 8                         Clannad                              Shingeki No Bahamut                                      -
 9                      Golden Time                                   Claymore                                                  -
 10                       Special A                                  Akame ga kill                                             -

               Top 10 Adventure                             Top 10 Sci-Fi                              Top 10 Comedy
  1                      One Piece                                     Parasyte                            Great Teacher Onizuka
 2                          Naruto                                   Sidonia no Kishi                    Cromartie High School
 3                           Magi                                     Plastic Memories                       High School DxD      
 4                Fullmetal Alchemist                           Ergo Proxy                             WataMote/Watashi
 5              Pokemon: The Origin                        Shin Sekai Yori                             School Rumble
 6                        Mushishi                                 Terra Formars                                         -
 7                                 -                                            Elfen Lied                                           -  
 8                                 -                                             No. 6                                                  -
 9                                 -                                                 -                                                      -            
 10                               -                                                  -                                                     -

/N.B.\- This list made by my point of view, I mesure by the story, design, themes songs and soundtracks used, characters and the drawing, background and decoration, details, graphics and visual effects, the whole idea and concept, and finally creativity and innovation.
This classification doesn't meant that upper number is better than the lower, but in many occasions, It is the case!

This list contains the best animation movies I've ever seen in my life, in my point of view, best anime/OVA of all the time, Hall of Fame! I cried tears, laughed out loud, took away my heart, my eyes didn't get away from the screen, from when I was kid till now, every time I watch one of those movies... I just can't get bored watching them over and over... There you go...

¦¦        ¦¦ 5 Centimeters Per Second
¦¦        ¦¦ Castle In The Sky
¦¦        ¦¦ Children Who Chase Lost Voices
¦¦        ¦¦ Grave Of The Fireflies
¦¦        ¦¦ Howl's Moving Castle
¦¦        ¦¦ Majo no takkyûbin(Kiki's Delivery Service)
¦¦        ¦¦ Mononoke Hime
¦¦        ¦¦ My neightbor Totoro
¦¦        ¦¦ Naruto (All movies)
¦¦        ¦¦ Ocean Waves
¦¦        ¦¦ One Piece (All movies)
¦¦        ¦¦ Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro)
¦¦        ¦¦ Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki
¦¦        ¦¦ Paprika
¦¦        ¦¦ Ponyo
¦¦        ¦¦ Spirited Away
¦¦        ¦¦ Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
¦¦        ¦¦ Tekkon Kinkreet
¦¦        ¦¦ The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Books Section

To be honest, I've never been in the mood of reading books, even thought my first five books that I have read, were actually "must read" because I had to in order pass the final test at high-school, I won't say that was the reason by starting reading, but only lately I felt that reading books is important while I really don't want to but I am trying to make it an interest or further more, a hobby.
In this section I won't classify Mangas or any kind of magazines but BOOKS! I can't believe I am doing this! First of all, this is my official profil on the infamous Goodreads >Click.
Also I made a retards club in there you can access It from here!

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Retards Club 1 member yes... we're retarded...

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I'll be making a list in here in the near future, It's not actually long at all, but I'll be working in this page layout, style and the format that'll make appearance more attractive so stay tuned...

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