Ƭangιer Cιтy

Tangiers is a city located in the peak of the African continent, a major city of the Kingdom of Maghreb, the main habitat call It usually Tanja, Tangiers is derived from the name of princess Tingis; one of the daughters of the famous figures in the north, Atlas the giant or the titan. believed that He build this city as a fortress for his own daughter.
The blue and white city of Tangier pointed in the spot where the vast Atlantic Ocean meets with the Mediterranean sea, in a famous Cap in the end of the city, Spartel (or Cap of Spartel), Tangiers was once a capital (Unlike the other four imperial cities) of the ancient Kingdom of Tingitana before being conquered by the Roman Empire. Historically, the city has many legends, stories and big events happened in the course of world's history, the fact Its rich of myths, mixed traditions and cultures, which makes a different city from It fellows in the north of Morocco and unlike the onces of the Andalucia of Spain, a special position. 

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Tangiers has several monuments and historical sites that are protect by the local institutions, the government and the international organisation UNESCO protecting the heritages, most notable places are:

The great mosque : One of the most important monument in the city, built before the Potugese and English invansions, tooken in 1684 and expanded in 1815 by Slimane, its located at Jamae Kber near to Borj Hajwi and the old Medrasa of Marinids constucted in the 1777.
Al Andalous mosque : Beautiful islamic art  with mosaics, sculptures and well worked details, an attractive mosque, pleasant to the viewers, located in Castilla, Tangier.
The old Medina & Kasbah : Turned to the 16 century, contains many long, windy, cold and tight streets, giving it an amazing feeling of Tangerian culture, jewlery shops, bazars... Old houses with Maghreb-Spanish touches a must visit place.
The wall of Maagazine : Panoramic view of the bay which links Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean, you can see Spain lands (14 kilometeres) away with your own eyes, the wind, the blue vast sea, canons, modernised city with old spanish buildings while eating pizzas... It's refered by the Tangerians as the city center.
El Grande Socco - The great market : is a big market in the center of Tangiers made in 1917contains many commercials following the traditional sell-buy procedures (There is few writers, animators (manga) who made their novels and books basing on the Grande Socco, a big exampple as Joseph Kessel...).
Piquino Socco - The small market : A small with high traffic market, famous!
Cap Spartel : An altitude of 110 meters, constucted in 1864, it has a lighthouse visible for vessels more than 50 KM. At the peak coast of Tangier, located at Gibraltar detroit, 44 km to north, the Trafalgar cap at the Spanish coast where its located.
The Kasbah's musem
Dar al Makhzen - Moroccan Police house : An old sultan's castle constructed in the 1684.
The American legation : Given to the USA in 1821 by Slimane, nowdays is used as a musem, the architecture is Moroccan containing an English alone biblioteque.
Archeologic of Cotta : An old romain site in the west of Tangiers.
Park, castle and Mirador of Perdicaris, The Mirador de Perdicaris gives a great view of  Gibraltar's detroit, the castle is located in the center of the park, it has a long story, political, economic and environmental (I will post an article in the page about Perdicaris in Tangier)
Malabata's cap: The cap gives a view 180° of Malabata bay and a panoramic view of détroit of Gibraltar where the lighthouse is located.

Dchar Jdid (Zilil) - New "Clan's place" : Only few ruins there, the town was destroyed between 230-400 it's not precise when but the studies shows that the currency there that re-construction of the town were between 355-360, the most notable monument is the paleochristian church, unique monument from Mauretania Tingitana.

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The Ultras del Tánger (Dos mil tres "2003")

One of the oldest and the top Ultras in Morocco, Mediterranean Africa and Arab world the forgotten Ultras de Tangier (Tanger)!
The main logos of the Ultras Tanger 2003
How can It be possible a legendary Ultras like this would be an history? while it's a precious monument that everyone should cherish, personally I think the aggresive competition between ultras in Morocco trying to eliminate the old ones in ordrer to make themselves a name. Well, who doesn't?
The legend says this "Publico" made an appearance in 2002, but the majority approved the ultras established in 2003, where there was no known ultras in Morocco, they made many appearance in big matches and on the TV, but most likely they rarely gone in away matches usually when hosted in Tangiers City.

The main characteristics of those Tangerians are the aggresivity towards everyone with no exeptions, even towards their own teams when they lose they start cursing the players, coach, the federation, the advesary... Everyone in their path, one of the dangerous Ultras ever.
The question that everyone ask, What happened to the people of this Ultras? Where are they now?
The answer is pretty weird, no one knows exactly why they disappeared, the only thing that everyone agree is that they lost interest when the team delegated to the secunda division in 2006-07, and that was the end of the story, It is to bad there is no much information about those amazing fans.

Actually, there is a hidden movement under the ground, there is a slight reaction in their pages especially on facebook, It is not really popular among the interested in those legends, not even the original people of Tangier but there is one thing for sure, and that the page is one hundred percent official. You can check it out, thought the language used is pure Tangerian language. [LINK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT]

Finally, Old stays always Gold.

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The Blue and White City
Why It is called a blue and white city indeed? There is many factors why It is called that, obviously It's the location of Tangier in the Mediterranean sea, The blue referring to the vast wide open sea through two sides of the city, and the white referring to the pure wind and shiny sky, especially in the time prior and after the dawn where twilight is so clear giving It a really special sight across the city.
The crest of the city symbolise this two colours with an iconic image of the legendary Hercules as the legends says that He lived in the Hercules's Cave near to Ashaqar Beach.
City's Flag sometimes used as the crest by the people, thought there is an official Crest or Coat*
(P.s./ this crest is made by me, It is not the same as the original but It is somehow similar)
In the region same of region of Tangiers, there is a town of Chefchaouen which gives a profond iconic image of this beautiful northern area, with all houses, buildings coloured with blue and white paintings.
Chefchaouen Town
Tangiers also have a lot places covered with the two colours, but the urbain areas are growing with the high buildings whom keep spreading quickly, You can encounter the beautiful view in Tangiers in a lot of areas and neighborhoods around the city, Beni Makada, Souani, few places in M'sallah, Char Djdid...etc.

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Looking for a job in Tangier: Chance Rate 12%?

One of the biggest pole cities of the Moroccan economy, There is more ten thousands of companies having two free economic zones included in the four big industrial areas around this large city of north, not until 7 years ago, a major investment Tangier Mediterranean Port (Tangier Med); The biggest port in africa and Mediterranean Sea, becoming one of the iconic images of Tangier, the agriculture is somehow well positioned in the competition, but not as the other economic domains of city's activities.
Aside from this, Tangier is a Tourism based city, so every tourism establishment has an important profil as there is more than 3 million visitor per year,  Artisanal makes trade in the old areas such Casabarata, Old Medina where they specialise in this leather products hand made from silver, inox, gold, wood... and traditional Caftan, Djelaba, Jabador and other clothing in the Moroccan style.    The Tangier's tradition also known as Djebli is found in only few named places, containing Djebli shoes, Mendil, Chachiyah... with beautiful hair, and fingers items, Djebli style is well known with red and white colours and silver made jewelry, which makes It a rare product to find by the tourist and a bit expensive.
Having a job sounds easy in Tangier while It's definitely not the case, the corruption is well known in the main system of employment as the skills and experience are not the main elements taken on consideration, but the money and your contacts, basically, your relations, If you had relations that can interfere with the employee, so your place is 100% available for you. Also, paying for the post in a company is a one of the choices you got, as Job Market, is in fact a place where you can buy a Job!!
It is true that there is places like a Job Bank, called Anapec, this organisation don't search jobs for the citizens, but the citizens pay Anapec to find them a job, and ultimately they don't get It, or a low level job, which the person is pushed to take It even If They had a high grade diplomas.
So what is the cause of this problem?       There is many reasons, major one is the government Itself, while not taking the job effectively, plus the high rate of immigrant from the whole of Morocco to Tangier, causing poverty,   decrees of jobs  especially for the Tangerians (the origin inhabitant) who have the priority, the black from south, refugees number increasing dramatically and the low job offers, plus the corruption going underground.
Personally, I am one of the Tangerian origins and suffering from this situation, my friends and family going through the same thing, some of them, sadly, gone crazy with time, some lost hope, and the others found job in foreign countries.

In conclusion, the foreign countries ask us, to offer them a job, while our main city forget no, abandoned us? What is that even means? the main leaders and managers of the companies and the region itself aren't even from Tangier, and We, the original don't have a chance in our city?.
I really lost hope in this city, the city which I love so much, a city that I never left It to any other Moroccan city because It is special!. Maybe there will be a day when I leave It, that day when the god set me free to an other country, an other world where I can find hapiness with people that I don't know and respecting me, rather than people I barely know from outside of my city and don't even give a f**k or respect to me, not as a Tangerian, nor even as a human being. (#FueraErobiya4life)

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City with a wide open sky

Actually, in this fast growing societies, every city in the world in the world looks a like, with tall buildings, advertisement plaques everywhere, traditional places, houses became more or less an history, or an "old fashioned" folclore, that need to be changed or maybe considered as a factor of shame and must be disposed from It...
Tangier's sky, the twilight, the green-line in the horizon, in the country of the "Sun Set, Kingdom of the extreme west"
This is the majority of the cases we see in this changing world, to a world with one concept, one language, one tradition and finally one taught.  But not all of the cities and towns knows this major incident, especially in case of this amazing city of Tangier (Tangiers), the blowing wind goes through the whole city, a fresh scent of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean gives a gorgeous breeze, the humidity makes It even more relaxing and calm.   This city in fact makes the most of It visitor a desire to sleep and laying down, this explains the laziness of the Tangerians (Esp, Spanish: Tangerinos y Tangerinas).
However, compared to the majority of cities of the world which have a exaggerated tall buildings from 40 floors to hundred, the beautiful blue and white city of Cap Spartel has buildings with a marginal of 8 floors in the city center, while in many areas It doesn't reach more than 3-5 floors, the gaps between the sides of streets are wide, which gives an amazing delightful sight of the road, buildings and that vast blueish sky. 
In term of tradition, there is no less, plenty of areas that protect and improve the survival of their history and traditional elements, clothes, food building architectures...etc. You can notice from visiting the areas like the old medina; Souq Del Barra of Cervantes, M'sallah district...
while major areas have a unique way of style of houses in many spots of Tangier; Val Fleuri, Lalla Chafia, Beni Makada, Belair, Beranes... While some district have an Brazilian-like homes, random placing of buildings gives a slight touch of a beautiful concept of poor level of the society reflecting a wide image of the horizon filled with antennas and wires; Souani, Casabarata, Aawama and the center of M'sallah.
Mentioning the upper class of families and rich people living in villas and mansions in named places; Arena, Djbel K'bir, California district, Boubana, Ashaqar area... characterised with wide spaces between every property, green fields, trees that covers the entire places, unlike the rest spots of Tangier, those known with a quiet atmosphere, maybe because of that distance between the residents of the quarters.
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Ultras Hercules 2007 - Tangier (Tanger)

Moroccan's most renowned clubs are basically Raja, Royal Team and Wydad, whom definitely have large numbers of supporters around Morocco and Mediterranean coasts, but have You even seen a Club in second division which has no trophies nor an history to brag about, has a number of supporters matches or larger than those or even in international level? It's known as Ittihad Tangier (or Tanger) or officially under Ittihad Ryadhi Tanja (IRT) which means the Union Sportive of Tangiers.
Ultras Hercules is one of those rare occasions that you ever see in football world, with a supporters base average over than 35000 people attend in every single hosting match. Further more from our researchers there is estimated more than 400000 supporters around Tangier alone, while there is many outside the region and foreign countries which share they pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social medias.
Your Hate make us Stronger
In the Tiffoo: Your Hate make us Stronger, Iconic image of Hercules on the left side of Stadium.
The income of the club consist over 50% of match tickets sold, so the supporters actually try to attend more effectively in order to maximize the club's income from every match, which considered as one of the fascinating encouragement to the club Itself.
In the season of 2015-2016, the attendees reached 50000, in few host matches against; Moghreb Tetouan, Fez and FUS of Rabat, which It is over capacity of the grand stadium of Batouta by more than 5000 seats. As the club is newly in the Primera Division of the Botola League, they are doing pretty well as they are currently fighting in the 2nd and 3rd places in the Round 15, together with Wydad, FUS and the Royal Team.