¦¦ Drawings ¦¦

 Firstly, I am not quit good in drawing, in fact I was talented when I was 11, but I didn't give It too much attention, so now its like I don't even know how to hold a pencil lol.
Okey so in this section I'll put in here some of my newby drawing and post them directly, from my Dropbox, just for notice, the writings and everything are hand made, I might be using few softwares and text treatment later, for note there is few drawing writing in Tangierian, but I will from now on to make them in English.

The publications will be classified (It doesn't mean that they follow a story, If so I'll be mentioning that below) the extensions of the files might be on jpg, gif, pdf or doc.

No weed, no mood
¦¦ Pub. Uno ¦¦ 

/!\ Done and need to be scanned and uploaded. (2)

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