[Novel] X-Cyber

Title: X-Cyber
Writer: Caramelo Del Belair 
Year: 2007 
Genre: Romance, Technology, Slice of Life, Fantasy. 

In the year of 5485, the world has known drastic changes, human evolution reached a whole new level, Cybernation by implementing body parts instead of their biological ones, only few normal humans left, an other species now that became residents of planet earth which they came from Planet Elem from Galaxy “Sinthopea Elem”; the Extremas, similar to human beings in Intelligence they integrated with the Humans and Cybers  to co-exist as they helped them to finish the past World War crisis a thousand years ago which reduced the world population to 38,8%. 
The world now is ignorant of the past eras, golden age of the 3rd and 4th millenniums are some how forgotten, while the millenniums behind now considered as dark ages. A group of students in Neodalucia University are trying to unravel the past history, one of them is a very special one, a specie that yet to be existing or discovered yet, but it does exist behind anyone's knowledge an X-Cyber!

53% Complete.