Blog Star at Skyrock/Skyblog

Skyrock is an infamous social network website in francophone countries, such as France, Tunisia, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Canada and Algeria. Back in 2002 where Skyrock was focusing on Radio channels, just few years afterwards they started Skyblog, which was a blog free to everyone and used mostly by the countries mentioned above. There when I started creating my first Blog,  I remember only couple thousand users registered there, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, old school, everything was grey, simple HTML, the funny part was once you upload an article (either a text or picture) it would take a week before its published, once it is a message will be in your inbox notifying you, GOLD!
I made other accounts but all sucked! ALL! Because I didn't choose good usernames I was retarded then. Until finally, in 2007 I made a new Blog called: CaramelCream (I call it Cc blog), in fact a Music Blog which was a unique blog back then only artists could have it...
Many things made Skyrock exceptional and worth visiting:

* Everyone was close and layout made it more easy to get in touch, find users with high tech filtering (with or without pictures/videos, height and weight, character...etc).
* Introduction of Profils back then Skyblog was refered to Blogs while Skyrock for Profils.
* Défis (a.k.a Challenged) those battles were basically votes, once someone send u the challenge and you accept, the main page will show the current challenges and people votes, it shows both usernames (with their avatars and number of votes), and challengers were classified by ranking, ultimately there was top100 and top10 winners/loosers...
*Profil Rating, yeah this one was essential, in scale of -5 to 5+, if your profil got an average above 4.7, you'll be listed as top hottest (males and females in the other hand) and listed also by ranks.
*Comments and visits, obviously comments were quite a feat and everyone wanted to get much comments as possible, but still people could comment themselves or trade comments 10 for 20 and stuff like that but not visits, if comment were silver then visits are gold!
*Blog Star, Blog Star was introduced, ermmm maybe until 2011? Dunno, anyway Blog Star was the pick at that time everyone were fighting for it, the spotlight! All points above were fundamental to any Skyrocker, but Blog Star was a bit different... As for me, after more than a decade of using Skyrock (unlike the majority) I nver had the chance to shine, so in the early months of 2016, I gave it a try, why won't I submit for Blog Star? and Yeah I did it, under the theme of Thug Lifer, it was quite awkward because unlike all Blog Stars, all were about fashion, girly things or music, but not this bull-shit right? So after a month... I recieved this message:
Believe it or not, we are a joke! and became an original shit at Skyrock! They gave badge, congrats letter and special status! Here is how do I look in there, You'll die laughing! Yeah! Weird right? but that's me! In front page wohoooo!  all you see are Kawaii chicks and THUG ME!
 Thinking about it You can check out my Blog by typing: Http://www.caramelcream.skyrock.com or just click this [[ link ]] for direct access.

This is the header of my blog at Skyblog, not much visits since 2007, but he quality of page is very high compared to the rest, I got some tracks there, there are more availabke at my SoundCloud (/Carameled), and you can read the description of the blog... Yeah!
Do you know what makes a Skyrocker a legend? This is the most F.A.Q majority ask, I can anwser this by this picture!
As you see this is badge section a.k.a Honours or Awards, there are many emblems/badges there, yes interesting but, legends are the ones who have those three! I reapeat once you have those 3 badges, that means you're a true Skyrocker, or rather, a L-E-G-E-N-D!

*Blog Star: For being in the spotlight, as the best Blogger, possessing such an incredible and original ideology and style, that Skyrock team chose among millions of bloggers.
*Tyson: Legendary Challenger (As I told you about "Défis"), those challenges were existing back in 2006-2010, but no more! At those times, only few could engage in those battles.
*Old School: No need to explain this one, means you're older than Skyri-ock team to be existed... Sounds werid right? But yeah, tha the truth!