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Of course, moreover you get busier in your life, more likely you'll have issues managing your activities and time, I personally found hardship to re-organise myself, so I planned a schedule that would be more convenient to me and efficient when it comes to managing my costs, daily activities, organising my tasks based priorities and identifying my needs according to my resources.
So, I took a pen and paper and started drawing a mind map to find a solution to my problem, after a while, I figured out  a whole new techniques that makes me updated instantly and organised effectively.
  •     Used application such as Calendar S Planner, Google Keep, or Evernote to Log all my activities (Gym sessions with details, MBA Classes, Meetings, dates...) together with latest  news (Weather, birthdays, news...) and synchronised with all my devices.
  •     Small handbook and small pen/stylos always on my pocket (fit size of all my pants' pocket to write if there will be any changes or addition to my schedules.
I needed a tool to analyse my financial position, time management, health care and costs management/estimations in order to make logical decision and control closely all my actions, so I developed Excel-Based (automated) template software that will help to manage drastically your all activities and operations following the timeline, resources, expenses, to-do lists and more! I named those tools as "POT" referring "Personal Organisation Templates";

POT - Budgeting Incomes and Expenses (Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily) + Travel Budget:
This file consists many pages in many classes organised by months, each month has detailed description of daily costs by segments, a main page "Dashboard which automatically calculate the expenses and incomes to give you a general view on a diagram of how Financial status is progressing and the balance. (+tab for travel budget estimates which can be useful to get an overall view of costs for the entire travel to keep track of your balance to not exceed your budget).

 POT - Calendar & Activities :
With a very cute looking layout of the Calendar, this POT unlike the previous one, it more about your feels and personal activities, giving an optimised overview of all the days of the year and simplicity of tracking + extra tabs for monthly memos; Agenda so that you can easily navigate through your past/future tasks with clear analysis.

POT - Health, Exercises and Diet :
Personal Organisation Template,  3rd work on POT is about well-being, Covering detailed description of medicines and illnesses, Exercises categorised by intensity, distance and time, food specifics converted to calories (depending on fat, carbs and sugar, also one can add sodium, salt depending of use) and weight control as there is an index that calculate body mass and ideal weight that your body needs depending on height (No taking consideration daily activities age and children, I'll try to work on fusing all data together and add formulas and function to improve those indexes).

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