Assignments, Internship and academic reports

During my academic education in several universities and institutes,  we were proposed to do many case studies and dissertations, also some interesting internships in major corporates in order to improve my experience and skills, implementing knowledge learned from theoretical aspects in classes ... This is why I decided to share some of those reports publicly: 
Dissertation: Budgeting and Tools of Control
This Internship was done in the company of AMENDIS - Veolia Environment controlling the region of Tanger-Tetouan, concentrating in distribution Energy, Sanitation and Water and improving the quality of the service provided...
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Memoir: Logistics in Morocco - Issues and Perspectives for future
An interesting subject about logistic platform in Morocco and the known issues facing Morocco now days, even there is many big projects and an important growth in many levels, still  this sector suffers from many handicaps and instability in the main infrastructure, this report shows and explain those big points and details and the procedures made by the government in order to avoid/fix this problems.
Report: Bank Agency Report Banque Populaire (Popular Bank)
A good report about the system inside an agency of one of the biggest and the largest bank in north Africa and Mediterranean countries with more than 4 million clients in Morocco only, this agency characterised by a big traffic coefficient and many customers visits daily with divers operations, the report contain every task for every post in the agency.

Portfolio:  Latitude & Technologies (L&T) - Business Case (Strategic Management Analysis)
A portfolio analysing the background of L&T and the industries that the firm penetrates, using several methods; SWOT,  I/O model of capabilities and core competencies analyses, Value Chain, Five forces of Michael Porter and PESTLE charts, and how L&T using they own unique resources to gain a competitive advantage within the local market and the international rivalry mentioning the main challenges facing the company and finally recommended strategies to be used in order to maintain thier position in the market and sustain their competitive advantage.
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Assignment:  London's Heathrow Terminal 5 - Case Study (Operation Management Analysis)
This assignment covers the flight industry in UK concerning British Authorities Airport and British Airways and the disastrous operation dysfunctions during the opening day, distinguishing several causes and bullwhip effects that lead to the poor service and worst customer experience for the most promising project that took two decades of concepts and constructions that didn't meet passengers expectation.
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Assignment: Enabling Customer Centric Experience through Project Management
This is a report concern the case of Du Telecom and Huawei Technologies Ltd where they initiated an agreement referred as MoU for a period of time 3-5 years in order to improve their PM portfolios, increase the quality of the deliverable based on customers experience... etc. Report states many major keys such elaborating WBS charter, cost estimations basing on several concept and approaches and how can budget cuts affect on cost estimations, how to make an optimum plan for all processes and quality indicators, and other analysis, check out the report for further information.
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Report:  Grupo Antolin - Culture, organisation and my personal experience. 
Brief report describing my experience within Antolin TGR, adapting in an industrial company, discussing the culture and working condition in an international firm with multiple races, executed tasks as an Accountant in training, sharing moments...etc.
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*Some of those reports done in French, and some in Spanish I'l try to re-do them in English version when there is a chance.
*For unknown reasons, few file were missed-up after being loaded to Google Docs, but the contents are still clear...
*I didn't publish some reports (yet).
*If you used a report, please use the references under the name Del Belair, Caramelo.


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Merci pour le rapport de la BP

Del Belair Caramelo said...

If you have any feedback, question or a note feel free to do so.

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il vas m'aider bcp, bravo.

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When are you going to publish T5 plez? I drop an eye the past week and here again didn't find it yet I want it in term of operation manag. not projects plz
i need it to improve my research for this summer time


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Hi again when are you going to post T5's?

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I am sorry guys, LOL I never taught many guys would be searching for a similar case. Anyway, I'll post it later the next couple weeks until the assignments are graded, once done I'll post a direct link.
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Good news guys, T5 case is now available on the list.